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Why do I need to register for my ESA? - 2022 Guide

Many people with mental illness prefer to get therapy and medications to get rid of this problem. Many therapists recommend the patient to keep ESA along with medications and therapy. In order to keep an ESA, its registration is necessary. It is important to register your ESA so that it can enjoy all the rights associated with emotional support animals and also provide it with legal security. It is not difficult to register for ESA as it can be done on different websites. Once you register on related websites, it provides you with legal updates regarding ESA. These websites also provide information about ESAs, which can be helpful for the owners. An ESA Letter from any mental health professional can make the ESA legal and valid for the owner.

Life is really challenging for people suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other kind of mental illness. The activities of the people suffering from mental illness are quite different from healthy people. These people require continuous love and support from others in order to live a quality life. In such cases, emotional support animals can play a significant role by providing people with love and support. These animals can calm their owners in times of crisis and stress.

Dogs and miniature horses are restricted to be used as service animals, but any suitable animal can be kept as ESA.

The Process

The process of validation and registration of an ESA is as follows:

Visit Doctor

Before getting the registration of an ESA, it is important to go through the evaluation process to determine whether you are qualified for keeping ESA or not. Severe depression, phobias, anxiety, and panic attacks are the conditions that necessitate keeping ESA with you. Mental health professionals examine the conditions of mental illness in people before suggesting a suitable course of action. You can discuss with your therapist whether ESA is beneficial for you or not. Therapists can provide personal assistance to people and recommend to them what conditions can reduce the symptoms of mental illness.

Approval from Therapist

Once your doctor examines your condition, you need to get an ESA letter from him. Mental health professionals need to be licensed, otherwise, they are not authorized to provide ESA letters to the people. There are two ways to get an ESA letter, the first is to give an in-person visit to the therapist and the second one is to get one through online services. There are many websites that are providing these services, but they provide ESA letters after a HIPAA compliant video conference with the client. After the evaluation, an esa letter for housing and travel will be provided. The traveling letter needs to be renewed after a certain period, but there is no such requirement for the housing letter.

Animal Selection

The most important thing in the whole process is the selection of an ESA that can provide love and support to you in your tough time. If you already have a pet, this step becomes a little easier. But to make a pet an ESA, proper training is required. The pet needs to be trained enough to be taken to different public places and airplanes. Most people prefer to keep a dog as an ESA because it is considered the most loyal animal. While looking for a perfect ESA, try to avoid dangerous animals such as snakes and birds that can fly away from their owners when they get free. Different rules have been passed by airlines that prohibit taking all those animals that people do not keep typically as house pets. So be conscious about your choice while selecting an animal.

ESA is not considered a service dog because both have a number of differences. Service dogs get trained to provide physical help to people suffering from any kind of disability. While ESA gets trained to provide emotional support to the people who suffer from a mental illness or disability. ESA provides treatment and support to the patients. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

Official Registration

If you simply register an animal on any website, it does not fulfill all requirements related to the ESA. If companies register ESA without proper assessment of the patient, they can be sued and even banned. You are not legally bound to register your ESA, but this registration provides the most relevant information about ESA. It provides you with the rights of ESA and all federal laws associated with them. This registration, in fact, saves the time of the people because they do not have to visit different places to get to know the different legal changes about ESAs at the state and national level. Along with registration, you can also get different products related to ESA such as cards and vests, which people can use while traveling with ESA.

Some information about your animal is required to get an emotional support animal letter and registration of ESA, such as the name of the dog, its breed and age, etc. After that, ESA ID badge, travel vest, ESA leash are certain things that owners need to carry while traveling. So it can be concluded from the whole discussion that people don't need to get their ESA registered. But it can be beneficial for them as an ESA enjoys certain rights and privileges once it gets registered. So there is no harm in registering an ESA; in fact, it is beneficial for the owner to get aware of federal laws and rights of ESA.

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