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Butao Ramen was founded by Mr. Chandler Tang in 2010. The original shop was situated in Wo On Lane, Central, Hong Kong. Butao aims to provide the most authentic and traditional Japanese Hakata ramen to the ramen goers in Hong Kong.


Over the past few years, Butao Ramen has opened more branches in Hong Kong & Mainland China. In 2015, the first Mainland China branch was opened in Jing'an District, Shanghai. Later on, more branches were also opened in Galaxy Macau, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Butao Ramen has received wide acclaim for the quality and authenticity of his ramen in Hong Kong. In year 2013, Butao Ramen has won “ The Best Japanese Restaurant Rewards” of OpenRice for three consecutive years; besides, the Causeway Bay shop has also been awarded “The Best Restaurant in Causeway Bay” two times in a row. In the same year, Butao Ramen received “U Favorite Food Awards” three years in a row from U Magazine, and got his maiden "100 Cuisine | The best food in Hong Kong" award. Meanwhile, Butao first time received the recognitation of  “The Best Ever Dining Award – Japanese Ramen 2015” of Weekend Weekly Magazine in 2015.




Our signature bowl ‘Butao’ is a tonkotsu ramen. Tonkotsu ramen is a creamy pork-bone soup ramen typical in Kyushu, Japan’s southern-most island, but found all over Japan nowadays. For bringing the most authentic Japanese Ramen to Hong Kong ramen lovers, we've invited two Japanese consultants to manage and keep the quality and services same as Japan does.

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